Tony Stark is left speechless - for once - in Eternals #10

Eternals #10 panel
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Eternals #10 will ramp up the lead-in to Marvel's big summer event 'Judgment Day' in which the Eternals and X-Men come into conflict, with the Avengers caught in the middle - and the Eternals and Avengers are already coming head-to-head, even as both groups also struggle through interpersonal conflicts.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

A newly released set of preview pages from the issue by writer Kieron Gillen, artists Esad Ribic and Matthew Wilson, and letterer Clayton Cowles shows off the strife that's infecting both the Avengers and the Eternals, with two of the Avengers' biggest, most bombastic personalities - Namor and Tony Stark - clashing.

And for once, Tony 'Snark', the master of the quippy comeback, seems to be left speechless.

Meanwhile, Namor heads straight from one-upping Tony Stark to a romantic tryst with Eternal and former Avenger Sersi - as the rest of the Eternals watch in secret, somewhat scandalized by Namor and Sersi's flirtations.

Here's a gallery of the pages:

In 'Judgment Day,' it seems the Eternals will find themselves at odds with most of the rest of the Marvel Universe, holding a grudge against the Avengers for making a headquarters in the shell of the Celestial Progenitor, a holy being to the Eternals.

And they'll have some beef with the X-Men over an apparent belief brewing among the Eternals that mutants are in fact an offshoot of the Eternals' ancient enemies the Deviants - though the Eternals and Deviants are currently in the process of trying to co-exist, which may complicate matters even further.

'Judgment Day' kicks off this summer, but Eternals #10 will set the stage early on March 9. Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel's full June 2022 solicitations later this month, which will likely offer up more insights into what to expect from 'Judgment Day.'

With the X-Men, Avengers, and Eternals all involved, 'Judgment Day' has the potential to become one of the most impactful Marvel Comics events of all time.

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