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Tony Scott directing a Chippendales film

Tony Scott has agreed to direct a film that chronicles the career of Steve Banerjee, the man responsible for male stripper phenomenon The Chippendales.

Bannerjee's the man we have to blame for the oiled-up hunks strutting their stuff and making ladies feel funny in their tummies, but his story is a fascinating one.

He rose from petrol station attendant to running a top-class nightclub that spawned the original Chippendale dance team.

After hiring a New York choreographer to make sure their moves were perfect, he hit the big time and became massively rich. But the fortune went to his head and he became massively paranoid and competitive.

How competitive? He went to the length of hiring a hitman to off the dance expert when negotiations went bad, and ended up dying in jail while he was still awaiting trial.

According to Variety, Scott will aim for a True Romance-style tone, working from Lisa Schrager's script, itself an adaptation of Rodney Shelton's manuscript about Bannerjee.

We're just wondering if Scott will try to work a big explosion into this one…

[Source: Variety ]

Could this be an intriguing drama? Or the next Showgirls? Discuss...