Tony Hawk 8: New controls rated

Tuesday 29 August 2006
The Tony Hawk series is returning to its trick-based roots this November with a new interface that allows players to control each of their skater's legs individually. While the familiar control system still exists in the game, Tony Hawk's Project 8 also features an inventive new Nail the Trick function - and we've had the chance to try it out on Xbox 360.

The mode can be accessed at any point during the game and is initiated by clicking both analogue sticks simultaneously. The game adopts a slow motion aspect, while the camera zooms in on your deck. You then control your skater with only the analogue sticks - one for each foot.

Real skaters seem to be split as to whether the system makes the game more or less realistic. It's an entirely different approach to the traditional button-mashing Tony Hawk combos but it does give you much greater control over trick manipulation, although it takes a while for it to become second nature.

The key, as ever, is in the landing: as long as the grip tape is up you should be OK, although this is easier said than done if you're trying to pull off an extended sequence of flips and flicks.

Elsewhere in the game, there's a new picture-in-picture view when your incur the wrath of rival skaters, while stats progression is more seamlessly incorporated into the game and is based around how well you do at particular challenges. We'll be keeping a close eye on Project 8 - more news soon.