Tom Nook and Isabelle dancing to popular songs in New Horizons is this week's wholesome content winner

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Just when you think there's a slowdown of quality Animal Crossing: New Horizons content, the fans deliver something special. This time it's TomandIsabelleDanceTo, a Twitter account where Tom Nook and Isabelle's adorable little Resident Services jazzercise routine is set to music.

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What's great about this is how subtle changes make each video pitch perfect - whether it's slowing down or speeding up their movements to match a song's beat, or putting an '80s filter over the video for The Weeknd's Blinding Lights so it gives off strong vibes. Tom and Isabelle's little faces make it seem like the two of them are competing in an endless dance-off set to the top 40 hits of today and yesteryear. 

The Twitter account seemingly began with a retweet, as @TomAndIsabelle2's first Twitter interaction is a retweet of Tom and Isabelle dancing to a techno song from from April 25. Perhaps that served as inspiration (or the accounts are run by the same person), as the TomandIsabelleDanceTo began churning out videos almost immediately - starting with Michael Jackon's Billie Jean. As I write this article, the account has nearly 20,000 followers, just two days after its inception. Internet memes spread like wildfire, exhibit 35347.

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It's hard to pick a favorite video from the bunch, as nearly all of them manage to capture each song's essence. As a Lady Gaga fan, I'm partial to the video featuring her latest single, Stupid Love, but I'm also looking for an Ariana Grande song in this list - Side to Side, perhaps? Either way, it's only Monday, but I'm declaring this Twitter account the Wholesome Content Winner of the Week, a prestigious award I just made up right now.

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