Tom Cruise for Abrams' Star Trek?

It's the sort of story that sounds made up from the get go - but hear us out.

According to internet gossip, JJ Abrams is currently badgering Tom Cruise to provide an a-list cameo appearance in his Star Trek re-imagining. If the Cruiser agrees, he'll play Christopher Pike, a name that's sure to send shivers up even the most casual Klingon-impersonator's spine. For the rest of us, Pike was Captain Kirk's predecessor, possessing a cult-following amongst fans despite his relatively minor role in the series.

Now, we know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but Cruise has done cameos before (Goldmember, anyone? No?), and TC and JJ do seem to be quite good mates. And, hey, Scientology's a bit like Star Trek, right? No? Oh, wait, we're thinking of Battlefield Earth. Never mind.

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