Todd Howard says Bethesda is "doing a lot of Starfield work" to make "some really good updates that are going to get announced soon"

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Todd Howard says Bethesda is doing "a lot" of work on Starfield, and you'll see the result "soon." 

Speaking to IGN, attention turns to Bethesda's game offerings and whether timelines have shifted thanks to the success of the Fallout TV Show. Starfield, released last year, is set for post-launch support and the developer has previously shared that the next game priority is The Elder Scrolls 6 before we get into Fallout 5. For Howard, that's how things will stay for now.

"I'm going to avoid putting dates on anything," Howard says. "I've learned that the hard way. So obviously, our focus as far as new development right now is Elder Scrolls 6, but that doesn't mean that we're not making plans for other things. 

"We're still doing a lot of work, obviously on Fallout 76, and we see the community, so many people going into that game and kind of rediscovering it and just so happy with where that game is at. It really does, and I mean, this has one of the best gaming communities. 

"Surprisingly, it's a very, very nice apocalypse, and we're doing a lot of Starfield work as well. So we have some really good updates that are going to get announced soon for that game. So, a lot going on here."

There's some positive news for Starfield fans, then. Bethesda has previously revealed that the space RPG's first slice of DLC is Shattered Space and that it'll be released this year. We're also getting a continuous flow of updates to introduce quality-of-life features and other much-requested additions, though I imagine plenty will be hoping that Howard is talking about the former.

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