Titanfall takes a trip down Hearthstone Lane with a mobile card game spin-off

Titanfall fans, I've got some news that's either going to come across as a pleasant surprise or heretical blasphemy, and it all depends on how you feel about mobile card games. Respawn Entertainment has teamed up with Korean developer Nexon for a free-to-play mobile adaptation of the sci-fi shooter called Titanfall Frontline (opens in new tab), and it pulls more than a few cues from Hearthstone and its ilk.

In Frontline, you'll assemble a small army of cards on a playing field in front of you, with each card having an associated cost, health, and damage counter. Some cards have additional effects and/or can be upgraded. Frontline has synchronous turn-based combat, meaning players will be connected and playing the game simultaneously, with one player taking their turn followed by the opponent's turn.

It sounds silly to take the fast-paced FPS action of Titanfall and squeeze it into a card game, but let's not forget that Blizzard's foray into this space is a spin-off of a franchise that had previously consisted of real-time strategy games and an MMO about humans, orcs, elves, and other fantasy races fighting epic wars and saving the world. Not so weird in context.

A specific release date has not been announced (are they ever with mobile games?) but Titanfall Frontline is scheduled to drop sometime this fall. Titanfall 2 (opens in new tab), meanwhile, is slated for October 28.

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