Titanfall 2's tech test is getting some big changes in time for the next session, here's an overview

The Titanfall 2 tech test was last weekend and fan responses were … less than enthusiastic. Complaints ranged from Titans not spawning fast enough to Pilots moving slower and a lack of enthusiasm for the maps. Thankfully, it seems like developer Respawn is taking criticisms to heart and has detailed a list of changes coming in time for the next tech test session on its blog. Here's a few highlights:

Your Pilot's speed in the air and while wall-running will be faster.
Your Pilot will accumulate and retain speed better while wall-running.
Your Pilot will passively gain Titan meter.
Titan survivability has been tweaked, reducing the amount of damage certain weapons do to the mechs.
Titan dashes will recharge faster.
The distance at which enemy outlines appear will be reduced.

And while I don't really consider this a "change," there will also be more maps added to the test sessions. Many players found the featured map, Homestead, to be too barren and flat, but Respawn says that, "when designing maps, we strive to make them unique experiences" and that it will be showing off more maps over the coming weeks, including "more traditional" style battlegrounds.

The next tech test begins August 26 - not enough time to wholly reinvent a Titan-ic wheel, but hopefully it'll be more to fans' liking.

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