5 things we learned from Titanfall 2 single-player gameplay footage

Like a mech crashing onto the battlefield, new footage of the Titanfall 2 single-player campaign has descended from the sky to grace us with its presence. It's the first good look we've gotten at gameplay from the campaign, and it's confirmed more than a few new features. Here's five things we learned from the Titanfall 2 single-player gameplay footage: 

You're not alone out here

The first Titanfall was all about that sweet mech-on-pilot action, with nary another living soul in sight (at least, not ones that you weren't shooting at). But this footage begins with some alien creatures that seem to take more than a little inspiration from James Cameron's Avatar snatching our hero by the leg. Not only does these creatures' existence help make the world feel real, it'll also give you some variety in the enemies you face. 

There's a new type of shield

Titans could use their Vortex Shields and Dome Shields to help protect against incoming damage in the first Titanfall, but this footage shows a new, deployable type that stays in place even as the Titan and pilot move around. Looks like it'll be helpful for setting up defensive tactics.  

There are new Titan Core Abilities

After battling a few Titans and pilots in a close-quarters arena, we see the message "Salvo Core online" pop up. You had the ability to launch Rocket Salvos in the first Titanfall (and indeed, a volley of rockets is what we see happen next), but it didn't look like this and wasn't called a "Salvo Core." Perhaps there will be more variety of Titan abilities to help differentiate these mechanical soldiers? 

Your weapons are your tools

As our pilot engages in some high-altitude firefights, we see him activate bridges, doors, and elevators with his Arc Tool, a special weapon being introduced in Titanfall 2. It doesn't appear to be tied to the grappling hook we saw in the reveal trailer, so hopefully there will be more focus on utility and movement instead of just "which gun goes bang best". 

Stealth kills have been taken up a notch

Again, we have a feature that was present in the original Titanfall, made shiny and new for Titanfall 2. Where stealth kills in Titanfall stayed within first-person view and were often very quick, this animation pulls out to show the action from a third-person perspective. The animation is also more elaborate and takes longer to execute (pun intended).

So, what do you think of the footage so far? Is it looking like the single-player campaign you'd hoped for? Let us know in the comments, and if you've seen something newsworthy, tell us

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