Tintin 3-D movie back on?

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s 3-D TIntin feature film could have had its green light reignited after word that studios Sony and Paramount will co-finance the $130 million budget.

The planned trilogy of Tintin films may now also be cut to two, as the project was iced when Universal bowed out and Paramount decided not to pony-up the whopping budget.

Spielberg is set to direct the first film, Jackson the second, with both using digital 3-D motion-capture technology to bring Herge’s Belgian comicstrip adventurer to life.

Casting underway

Andy Serkis has signed to play booze-chugging sea dog Captain Haddock, while Nanny McPhee star Thomas Sangster is rumoured to be quiffing it up as Tintin himself.

Best known for snivelling a lot in Love, Actually, Sangster will need to grow up plenty to become the dog-loving, fist-flinging young reporter. Luckily, the film is at least two years away...

[Source: Hollywood Reporter ]

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