On a crowded shelf of shooters, TimeShift boasts one unique weapon: the ability to manipulate time. You play Michael Swift, a test pilot who willingly dons a Quantum Suit for the government to become the world's first time-traveler. While the experiment works (you journey from 2007 to 1911 and back) you return to an alternate present-day ruled by a fascist dictator, Krone. Worse still, your knowledge of timeshifting immediately makes you a wanted man. You'll need to take full advantage of your abilities if you want to set time straight once again.

Arms of the alternate timeline include crossbows and a pistol flamethrower, but the ability to slow, stop, and even reverse the course of events will save your skin most often in this shooter. But don't expect a slow-motion cakewalk - timeshifting is limited to a refillable gauge, so you'll need to use the power carefully and strategically. This includes freezing exploding objects and running along floating debris, dodging impossibly fast bullets, or simply avoiding a losing battle by flitting past your enemies altogether.

More than a mere gimmick, timeshifting will be an integral part of both the combat and the puzzle gameplay. Many scenarios have multiple solutions, and while freezing the action will give you an edge, you'll still need all of your wits and your reflexes to set things straight.

TimeShift should appear in the spring. Synchronize your watches.