Tiger 2005 PS2 pulled

EA have recalled PS2 copies of Tiger Woods 2005 having 'detected a performance issue'. The fault is claimed to effect a tiny percentage of buyers and is being attributed to technical issues.

"EA has detected a performance issue on copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005," the company said in a statement today. "This impacts PlayStation2 copies only, and primarily those sold to consumers in the United Kingdom. EA has identified the problem and is issuing corrected copies to retailers and consumers to guarantee that all players are able to play the game as it was intended. Even the pros hit one into the rough now and again. We expect to have impacted players back on the green with a new game shortly."

Indeed, EA have today assured us that no effected punters will be left holding defective copies. Your first port of call should be your retailer, who should exchange any faulty product or offer a refund. The fixed UK PAL version of the game is expected to hit the shops in around three weeks' time.