Thundercats movie in the works from Godzilla Vs. Kong director

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A CG-animated theatrical Thundercats movie is in the works from Godzilla Vs. Kong director Adam Wingard.

Deadline reports that the Thundercats movie adaptation will be a "big-scale feature" based on the original animated series that ran from 1985-1989. Wingard himself describes the animation style as "hybrid CGI" with a "hyper real look [that] somehow bridges the gap between cartoon and CGI."

"Nobody on this planet knows or has thought as much about ThunderCats as I have," Wingard rather boldly told Deadline. "They gave me the reins. I saw this as an opportunity to do a new type of fantasy sci-fi spectacle film that people have never seen before."

While much of the specifics around cast and crew are still unknown, Wingard paints a fairly detailed picture of the aesthetic he's aiming for with the Thundercats revival. For Thundercats fans with a particular affection for the original series, Wingard's movie adaptation sounds like good news so far.

"It's got a rich mythology; the characters are fantastic. The colors. I want to do a ThunderCats film that takes you back to that '80s aesthetic. I don't want to reinvent the way they look; I want them to look like ThunderCats. I don't want to do it live-action, either. I don't want it to look like Cats, I don't want those kinds of issues."

Wingard is working on a fresh script for Thundercats alongside frequent collaborator Simon Barrett (The Guest, Blair Witch, Temple). "Adam and I have been talking about making a Thundercats movie for literally over a decade and the fact that it's actually close to happening is staggering," Barrett wrote on Twitter.

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