Throwing down in Justice League Heroes

With all the talk lately about X-Men this and Spider-Man that, it's easy to forget that Marvel isn't the only comic company bringing its stars to game consoles. Warner Bros. Interactive and Action RPG specialists Snowblind Studios are looking to change that. At this year's Comic-Con, we got to play around with the top guns from the DC Universe in the latest build of Justice League Heroes for the Xbox and PS2.

For Comic-Con, developers decided to show off a couple of the game's newest stages, as well as a few new tweaks to the gameplay itself. First off, GamesRadar got to take Batman and the Flash on a run through Gorilla City, the stomping ground of simian supervillain and Jane Goodall poster boy, Gorilla Grodd. The first new addition to the game allows the player to control the behavior of his teammate in single player games by simply tapping the D-pad left or right. This puts the AI-controlled partner into either offensive or defense mode. And if you need a little extra control, pushing up on the pad lets you switch between characters. This on-the-fly control made it a snap to get some much needed help without having to break the flow of the game.