Three Warhammer Online servers closing up shop

It's unclear exactly why Warhammer Online isshutting down three of its game servers, but fans of the game should be pleased to know thatif they use one of the servers that are affected, they'll be able to transfer to another one free of charge.

In North America, the servers Iron Rock andVolkmar are being closed down permanently, while the Carroburg server is going under in Europe. This doesn't mean Warhammer Online will cease to exist, but it means there will be more people on fewer servers. Thedecision was likely made because the number of players has decreased, lessening the strain on servers and diminishing the need to have such a strong infrastructure.

Those in North America are being advised to switch their accounts to the Gorfang server, and European players should change their settings so they now connect to Drakenwald.

Usually, Electronic Arts requires players to pay a fee if they want to change servers, but since it's the one shutting these down, it will be waiving that fee.

A message on Warhammer's official site reads, "The game play experience of our customers is something we highly value. We don't make changes like this lightly. A lot of metrics and analysis accompanies this type of decision. We feel that these changes will help to ensure that server options continue to facilitate that best RvR experience out there."


Feb 8, 2011