THQ's new super-shooter

Friday 21 April 2006
THQ has announced first-person shooter Frontline: Fuel of War for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, which offers up cutting-edge military tech in order to let you experience the "frontlines of tomorrow". And they're not talking about Saturday's shopping crush.

The team behind the game, Kaos Studios, had some fundamental input into Battlefield 2, so it's little surprise to see that Fuel of War offers some 60 vehicles and weapons, including next-gen assault tanks and remote control drones.

Fuel of War won't be a typical A-to-B duck hunt for terrorists, either. Instead, it'll draw on GTA's appeal by offering an open-world approach and non-linear missions for both solo players or teams of wannabe warmongers.

Imagine Mercenaries meets Battlefield meets Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, then. We've no idea what it's going to look like yet, so you're welcome to send us a drawing or two.