THQ considering extended deal with Double Fine

THQ is considering a double shot of Double Fine. The publisher's head of core gaming, Danny Bilson, has expressed interest in extending its publishing contract with Tim Schafer's studio beyond the initial two-title deal that will expire with the release of Double Fine's Russian doll adventure, Stacking.

“I really wanna do a lot more with Tim [Schafer],” said Bilson during yesterday's THQ press event in New York. “I’ve always been a huge Tim fan. Grim Fandango to me is one of the greatest works of art in gaming. Stacking I fell in love with. When Tim brought that in, I was like, 'Let's do this game! This is fantastic!'"

With Costume Quest behind it, and Stacking on the horizon, Double Fine has two more unannounced games up its sleeves before it completes its initial four-game gameplan. According to Bilson, THQ is indeed eager to bring those remaining games to the public, but that any official deal hinges on the success of other upcoming releases such as Homefront, Red Faction: Armageddon and, obviously, Stacking.

“We’ve gotta get some hits rolling so I have more money to spend, to be honest with you,” explained Bilson.

You heard the man - buy THQ games or Tim Schafer gets it! Or not. We're sure Double Fine won't have any problem finding a home for its future titles.

Jan 14, 2011

[Source: PlayStation LifeStyle]

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