This wrestling game has molotov cocktails for over-the-top destruction

AEW: Fight Forever
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A new wrestling game will apparently feature molotov cocktails as a weapon.

Hey, who said ratings listings can't be be used to hype up audiences for a new game? Not the ESRB, that's for sure, as the North American ratings board officially handed out a rating to AEW: Fight Forever earlier this week, revealing in the process that the new wrestling game apparently features molotov cocktails.

"Players can use barbed wired, baseball bats, metal chairs, and Molotov cocktails against opponents, eventually resulting in submission," the ESRB rating reads, revealing that AEW: Fight Forever is taking things to the extreme with its wrestling action.

Sure, we've all heard of metal chairs being a thing in wrestling for as long as anyone can remember, but who's ever heard of molotov cocktails being thrown into the mix? One of those incendiary things wouldn't just result in a submission - it'd result in outright death for anyone caught in the way. Then again, we've sure seen Vince McMahon's car exploding in a fiery blaze before, so maybe molotov cocktails for a wrestling game aren't that surprising after all.

"Blood-splatter effects can occur during matches," the ESRB rating further details. If we're chucking around molotov cocktails and barbed wire in the arena, a little blood here and there is probably a no-brainer.

Currently, AEW: Fight Forever still doesn't have a release date, despite the fact that it's been out in the public eye for a fair few years now. Here's hoping the new ESRB rating means the new game is a little closer to release than some might've previously anticipated. 

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Hirun Cryer

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