This Week's Virtual Console games

Nintendo's Virtual Console releases have been so damn good as of late, it's almost enough to make us forget he haven't got an actual Mario game yet. Well, not really.Where art thou O' Overall-clad one? Here's what's in store this week:

Mario Kart 64 (1,000 Wii points)
Headlining today's offerings is arguably the best in Nintendo's racing series. Plus, the asking price is less than all those other krappy-kart knock-offs currently available on other systems.It's been too long since we've chucked a decentkoopa shell.

Contra III: The Alien Wars (800 Wii points)
Breaking out the heavy fire power is the Super Nintendo's classic shooter, Contra III: The Alien Wars. Missile riding and flamethrowers abound in your quest to squash out an otherworldly scourge.

Above: Getting to the heart of matters in Contra III

Bonanza Brothers (800 Wii points)
In this oddball title you'll play as either Mobo or Robo: The Siblings of Steal. Long beforethievery and anti-heroes were all the common place, the Bonanza Brothers pilfered their way to obscurity in this old-school Genesis game.

Comix Zone (800 Wii Points)
More of a panel-scroller than a side-scroller, Comix Zone introduced suchan innovative page-punching motif, it's a wonder that the formulahas never been revisited. And 7 out of 10 GamesRadar employees believe it to be more fun than the last X-men movie.

January 29, 2007