This week's Overwatch news: The Summer Games are back and better than ever!

Overwatch is a truly dynamic game, which means there’s always something new going on behind the scenes or in the community. Each week, we’ll have a round-up of the latest game news. That might be balance notes, character rumors, esports announcements, or just unmissably funny gifs. Here’s what Overwatch fans need to know for the week of August 7.

Get limbered up for the Summer Games

This week’s biggest news is about the next special event. Yes, the Summer Games are returning! The event will take place from August 8 to August 29.

This was Blizzard's first special event for the smash hit shooter after its debut, and as a result, what transpired for players was a little different than what you've seen in more recent campaigns. Here are the pertinent changes.

The skins from the original Summer Games event will be available again for purchase with the in-game currency. You could only get them in loot boxes when the event first took place, so many players missed out on new looks, poses, and intros for their favorite characters because of unlucky RNG. The 2016 Summer Games cosmetics will be available at regular loot box prices rather than special event prices during the three-week period - think 1,000 instead of 3,000 gold for the legendary level goodies. It seems most likely that this return of old event loot is an exception rather than the rule, given the big change in access and availability in later events. But who knows - I'd sure like another crack at that Dr. Junkenstein skin come Halloween.

But this won’t just be a rehash - Blizzard also has a new batch of skins that promise to tantalize the eyes. In the developer update announcing the event, Jeff Kaplan teased that Junkrat and Mercy players might be especially pleased. Those will, as usual, also be available in loot boxes and for purchase with credits.

In other good news, the 2016 Summer Games special mode Lucioball is also back and also with some tweaks. This time around, Lucio’s ultimate will behave differently in the mode, and the team eliminated some of the strats of questionable ethics (like standing in the enemy goal and booping the goalkeeper away). There will also be a special competitive mode for you hardcore folks. If you missed the Summer Games the first time around, think about if you had a Rocket League game where you played as the support class hero instead of a jet-powered car. 

It’s like Christmas and the Olympics rolled into one.


Speaking of Lucio, here’s a great piece of work we found on Reddit. Let this team-wide boop remind players of all classes to always be aware of your surroundings, lest you show up in a similar gif sensation.

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