This week's Overwatch news: The good, the bad, and the Reinhardt

Overwatch is a truly dynamic game, which means there’s always something new going on behind the scenes or in the community. Each week, we’ll have a round-up of the latest game news. That might be balance notes, character rumors, esports announcements, or just unmissably funny gifs. Here’s what Overwatch fans need to know for the week of July 17.

1. Reinhardt is under review

If you’ve spent any time in online conversations about Overwatch lately, the topic of Reinhardt has probably come up. Players have been sharing problems  the tank hero for weeks. Just about everything in his kit has raised concern: questions about the hit box on his hammer, inconsistencies with his Charge and Earthshatter abilities, and long delays between the player input and the action occurring.

The complaints have not gone unnoticed. In one of the lengthier discussions on the official forums, Jeff Kaplan dropped by to confirm that the company is looking into the reports of bugs. Unfortunately, Reinhardt mains will still need to be patient before they see a fix. The problems players are having aren't just balance fixes, but technical issues in the game. Even though the team is receiving our bug reports, the complexity of those technical knots might take lots of labor for Blizzard to untangle.

A reminder for players: if you do encounter issues with the game, there’s an entire forum devoted to logging those problems. As Kaplan noted in his post last week: “The most helpful thing are videos and/or reproducible steps. The more specific, the better.”

2. Catch up on the group stage in Shanghai

Esports fans have had plenty of viewing in recent weekends, so it’s possible you might have missed the latest group stage matches for the Overwatch World Cup. If you didn’t catch them live, the website for the championship now has VODs from the Group A matches. Bookmark that site (or follow the Overwatch Twitch channel) to keep tabs on the rest of the road to BlizzCon.

3. It’s hammer time

Any time a character is on the receiving end of Ana’s Nanoboost, you want to make the most of your amplified damage. This Torbjorn rises to the challenge with a hammer-swinging killing spree. I don’t think he was sorry in the slightest. (Source)

4. Rockabilly Overwatch fan art

Credit: Andrew "Dat" Tran

Credit: Andrew "Dat" Tran (Image credit:

For many players, D.Va’s teal-colored retro skin was the highlight of the anniversary event loot boxes. It seems she also inspired some pretty slick fan art by Andrew "Dat" Tran (also known as Doctaword) that re-envisions several of the heroes as their rockabilly counterparts. Nice work, daddy-O. (Source)

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