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This week's best Overwatch moments: Two amazing blind shots and the many sides of Mercy

Who doesn’t love Mercy? She’s got some of the best Overwatch skins, she floats around and keeps you alive, she even dances the hustle. But even sweet, helpful Mercy’s got a mean side. Here, some skilled players show off Aggro Mercy at her best.

1. Show no Mercy

With a Lucio at her back, this Mercy kill streak shows that a multifaceted healer is the best one for your team. Kill many enemies, rez many friends. She really is a miracle worker. (Source (opens in new tab))

2. Such useful corpses

Did you know that Mercy’s Guardian Angel flying ability works on the corpses of your teammates in 3v3 matches? Well now you know. (Source (opens in new tab))

3. Blind shot of legend

Duels are high-pressure situations, making it all the more impressive for this Hanzo to land a perfect kill shot from the doorway of his spawn point. Bravo. (Source (opens in new tab))

4. Blind shot of even more legend

The only thing better than a lucky shot netting one kill is a lucky shot netting many kills. Ana’s Biotic Grenade apparently landed in a most fortuitous spot. (Source (opens in new tab))

5. "I was only trying to help!"

We can only assume Mei was spamming the “Sorry sorry sorry” voice line after blocking her teammate off the point. We know how you feel, Reinhardt. (Source (opens in new tab))

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Anna Washenko
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