This Walking Dead comics Humble Bundle deal gets you the entire run worth $454 for just $18

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Humble Comics Bundle has partnered with Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics to offer $484 worth of digital Walking Dead comics, covering the entire run of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel series, for just $18/£14.50. 

The latest deal, which sees a proportion of the proceeds go to charity, has four separate tiers, but those who pay the full asking price will receive download links for all 32 volumes of The Walking Dead comics, in addition to the series' one-off special issues and supplemental materials. 

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Walking Dead

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That's over 192 issues of the award winning series, which ran from 2003 until Summer of last year, where it unexpectedly ended after chronicling years of its main roster's survival against the zombie apocalypse. 

The Walking Dead TV show, of course, shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, with The Walking Dead season 10 finale recently delayed due to production disruptions brought about by lockdown measures in place across the United States in response to COVID-19. 

In any case, this Humble Comics Bundle is an easy purchase for any fan of the show, games, or comic books, though be warned, the links aren't provided in order of chronology, leaving you to sort out the order on your reading device of choice. 

The offer will be available until May 19, all in support of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, so be sure to get on it while you still can. 

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