This Stardew Valley modder is turning Pelican Town into a capitalist society

Stardew Valley
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A Stardew Valley modder is attempting to make it easier to gain funds in the relaxing farming sim with a series of money-making mods. 

Modder' o0MrPro' on Nexus mods has several downloads that aim to add more realism to the game, many of which offer easier ways to make money. For example, the 'Balanced Valley' series of mods improve many aspects of the game, including fishing, farming, mining, and animals.

But what exactly do the mods do? Well, the Balanced Valley - Fishing mod "balances fish prices to make fishing more profitable and fun," the mod's description reads. According to the mod's creator, they love fishing because it is so peaceful; however, at the end of the day, "I get back with not enough money to feed my wife and my poor kids," and so the mod was born. 

The other mods have similar setups, the Balanced Valley - Farming mod makes crops more realistic and balances the prices, making it cheaper to buy seeds and more lucrative to sell them. The Balanced Valley - Mining mod "changes the prices of artifacts, minerals, and gems to make it worth the time and sweat invested in the mines", and the Balanced Valley - Animals mod "rebalances animal product prices", meaning "you can make a really good profit from any type of animal."

We're not sure if these methods of making a profit in Stardew Valley are sneaky or just downright smart. Either way, if you want to be accused of "working hard or hardly working", we suggest giving these mods a try. Here's hoping this modder comes up with other quality-of-life mods to make the farming sim even more of a relaxing pastime. 

There's no shortage of impressive mods for Stardew Valley these days. In fact, a few months ago, there was a Stardew Valley modding war - if you could even call it that - which saw several creators attempt to outdo each other to make edits to Grandpa's deathbed at the start of the game. As you can imagine, this quickly got out of hand but gave us so many hilarious mods to try out. 

Looking for ways to spice up your farm? Take a look at our best Stardew Valley mods list. 

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