This Samsung QLED TV deal gets you our favorite 120Hz 4K panel for its lowest ever price

Samsung Q80T
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Samsung QLED TV deals have been coming thick and fast recently but this is arguably one of the best we've seen: right now at Amazon, you can get our favorite 120Hz 4K TV for its lowest ever price. A 55-inch Samsung Q80T 4K TV can be had for just $959 (was $1,300). When it's been in stock, this TV has always been comfortable North of the $1,000 mark and often higher, so this price is a cracker.

We should say right at the top that, as of the time of writing, this is selling particularly fast, so you'll have to act quick! But there is a silver lining: the next price for a new model on this TV - still at Amazon, but in the 'New & Used from' section - is $979.99, which is the second-lowest ever price. What a time to be alive if you're looking for one of the best gaming TVs.

This screen sits atop our best 120Hz 4K TV guide because it represents a genuinely quality means to get that key gaming spec into your setup, but also offers the best value for money route to do so now too. This in part comes from the fact that it is a slightly older model (2020) but given the quality of TVs from the last couple of years, we have no hesitation in recommending this one.

However. If the age does slightly concern you, or you are still chasing a Samsung QLED TV deal that will get you all the very latest bells and whistles then there's also an option for you from Samsung's 2021 range: the brilliant 55-inch Samsung QN90A is now just $1,199.99 (was $1,598) at Amazon. This is a price cut of 25% and $398 that takes this 55-inch beauty down to the same price as the 50-inch panel and changes the price bracket of the screen completely. This TV was as high as $1,600 only a matter of weeks ago so this is excellent value.

You'll find both of these QLED TV deals just below, and plenty more 4K TV deals further down the page as well. 

Today's best Samsung QLED TV deals

Samsung Q80T 4K TV | 55-inch |$1,300$959 at Amazon
Save $341; lowest ever price -

Samsung Q80T 4K TV | 55-inch | $1,300 $959 at Amazon
Save $341; lowest ever price - This is a record low price on our favorite 4K 120Hz gaming TV on the market, but you'll have to move fast - this thing is selling particularly quickly. Note: If you don't get it at that price, however, the next price up is $997.99 which is still a terrific price and also the TV's second-lowest ever price!


Samsung QN90A 4K TV | 55-inch | $1,597.99 $1,199.99 at Amazon
Save $398/25%; Lowest ever price - The QN90A is a great 4K 120Hz TV from 2021 and an absolute beauty that can be yours for a lowest ever price right now. This TV was at $1600 during February so now is the time to strike. This is the Samsung QLED TV deal you've been looking for if you want to maximise price, value, and those sweet, sweet 4K 120Hz features in a 55-inch screen.

Remember, these are both supreme choices for anyone looking to get the best TVs for PS5 or Xbox Series X for their setup, and the QLED panel tech is great for any other media. It's always been my preference when choosing between premium TVs, and, in my eyes, shows off video game landscapes and environments with true beauty and life, with its punchy and vivid colors.

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