This Pokemon Scarlet and Violet glitch turns Slowbro into a relentless stalker

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have their fair share of bugs, but only two are contending for the 'scariest' title: this one that stretches out your co-op partner into a Creepypasta monster, and now this latest bug that turns Slowbro into a relentless Poke-stalker.

I'm not sure what any of us did to deserve this, but a disturbing new TikTok video demonstrates this bizarre Scarlet and Violet glitch, which puts Slowbro into a whole bunch of scenes where he has no business being.

"Is anybody else having this glitch where every room you go in there's a Slowbro?" says TikToker @oopsmystudentsfoundme. "Like, every single room. No room is safe." We're then taken on a tour of Scarlet and Violet locations including the director's office, the school store, and the Treasure Eatery, all of which feature a Slowbro gently bobbing and wearing its trademark wide-eyed expression, which is all the more ominous in this context. The video even proves raid battles offer little respite from Slowbro's presence.


♬ Scarlet & Violet Wild Battle Theme - Raushna

As I mentioned earlier, this is just one of many weird visual bugs plaguing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which has also been criticized for its lackluster performance on the Switch. A recent analysis from Digital Foundry found that, indeed, these games are inexcusably ugly and run like crap, but thankfully, it seems the games' first post-launch patch has had a positive impact on some of those issues. Regardless, Scarlet and Violet are officially the lowest rated mainline Pokemon games.

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