This Pokemon romhack shows us why we need an official Stardew Valley-like spinoff

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This romhack meshes together Pokemon and Stardew Valley, and the pair are a match made in heaven.

Below, one TikTok user briefly overviews how the Pokemon romhack works. The sublime creation has the Pokemon player character strolling around their farm, getting into fights with foes along the way, and putting their Pokemon to work to make their farmstead thrive.

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You can deploy any of your Pokemon where ever on the farm, using them to yield crops, among other activities. This is technically billed as a 'Pokemon x FarmVille' crossover, according to CelestialFearow, who made the romhack using RPG Maker. There's plenty here, though, to appeal to fans of Stardew Valley's culture of farming, as it's blended perfectly into the world of Pokemon with this romhack.

In this world, Pokemon work on farms to earn their XP, as well as in battles. We can see a Pokemon generating a few crops at one point in the TikTok, and then subsequently announcing that they'd like to learn a new move. In fact, the creatures can even work on the farm without the player's direction - they're a real clever bunch, this lot.

The Pokemon x FarmVille romhack even features Pokemon's overworld design. There's a bunch of sheep (or are they Mareeps or Wooloos?) blocking a bridge at one point, so the player obviously needs to go and do something else before the flock clears out of their way.

The Pokemon Farmville romhack is now available to download for anyone on PC, and it looks to be a mighty impressive creation. 

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