This news is mega, man: Capcom is making the first new side-scrolling Mega Man game since 2010

2018 is shaping up to be quite the event for Mega Man fans: virtually the entire series is coming to Nintendo Switch, while PS4 and Xbox One are both getting all eight Mega Man X games, and all three consoles are getting the all-new Mega Man 11 next year. Here's how it all breaks down:

Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 - which together offer players the chance to enjoy Mega Man games 1 through 10 - will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018 (the Legacy Collections are already available for PS4 and Xbox One). In summer of 2018, all eight of the Mega Man X games will come to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch as part of a similar collection.

But the real kicker is this: closer to the end of 2018, Capcom will release Mega Man 11, the first new side-scrolling Mega Man game since 2010's Mega Man 10. (Yes, there is a Mega Man X and a Mega Man 10, in case you haven't been following the franchise.) With new Mega Man games absent from Capcom's lineup for years, many feared the Mega Man series (that is to say classic-style Mega Man games, with 2D movement and jump-n-shoot level design) was dead. That's pretty much what inspired Mighty No. 9, after all. But now it's back!

I have to say, my initial reaction was to recoil with an alarmed sense of "WHAT IS THIS" thanks to the use of 3D models contrasted with 2D backgrounds (or at least 2D-looking backgrounds - I honestly can't tell if they really are or if it's just a good illusion). But the more I watch it in action and pay attention to the level design, the more this looks like a worthy Mega Man sequel. Of course, that could be the desire to enjoy the first new proper Mega Man created in over seven years talking. 

Sam Prell

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