This new horror game about cursed VHS tapes has PT vibes aplenty

Left to Rot is a new first-person psychological horror game with heavy PT energy launching in 2023.

The upcoming indie horror stars a playable character who causes a fatal car crash on the way to work and spends years trying to recover before skipping town and moving into a new house. However, the house is "stained with a terrible past," and you're left to watch cursed VHS tapes to uncover your new home's dark secrets.

Galactic Crows, the Romania-based developer behind Left to Rot, doesn't list the game's inspirations on its Steam page, but some of the screenshots definitely evokes Kojima's 2015 Playable Teaser. Just look at those halls! I keep thinking I'm going to see the half-rotted ghost of Lisa in the distance.

(Image credit: Galactic Crows, Inc.)

(Image credit: Galactic Crows, Inc.)

There definitely seems to be, at the very least, visual elements inspired by PT, but the game is definitely doing its own thing. In the latest trailer, embedded at the top o this story, we see some sort of mechanical spider exit a dimly lit room before a horrifying creature emerges, spasming violently in the doorway. Just that 30-second teaser is enough to give me nightmares.

Galactic Crows has yet to reveal much about the gameplay, but the game is described as having "a heavy focus on exploration and immersion that will leave your blood running cold." The publisher's other game, the also very spooky looking Stay Still, has a free demo out, so hopefully Left to Rot will get one too.

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