This might just be the cutest thing to ever happen during a mocap recording session

Rust developer mocap moment
(Image credit: Patrick Mazzolo)

A developer has shared what's got to be the cutest thing to ever happen during a mocap recording session after they're interrupted by their child walking into the scene.

In the clip, Patrick Mazzolo, developer at Rust developer Facepunch - who appears as a character in a hazmat suit on screen - can be seen recording what looks like a simple walk cycle. After taking a few steps, and turning back around to start walking the other way, the character suddenly becomes visibly excited, throws their arms in the air, and begins walking toward something not visible on-screen. The character then picks up something in front of them and spins around with it in its arms before placing it gently back on the floor and jogging off-screen with it.

Although a sweet animation without the context, it becomes even cuter when you read the caption accompanied by the video which reads: "When your kid walks into the scene midway through a mocap recording." This moment clearly warmed the hearts of many other game developers and just people in general as the tweet very quickly gained thousands of retweets and likes. 

One Twitter user replied to the tweet and said: "I dare you to use it in whatever project you got," to which Mazzolo replied: "Dare accepted." Other users have suggested that the developer add something like a cat or a baby dinosaur in place of their child on screen so that the character in question can be seen interacting with something just as cute.

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