This Mario Kart Motion Simulator from a father and son duo puts you in the game

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit has been given a bumpy upgrade thanks one enterprising father and son duo.

In the latest Totally Game, we meet David Wiernicki, whose company produces motion simulators, which are used to train racing car drivers.

Wiernicki has managed to hook up Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - an AR version of Mario kart where you create the tracks in your living room for real life karts to race around - to one of his machines. This gives him the most immersive experience possible. 

He tells Totally Game: "This is the best possible version of Mario Kart. Gaming is something that transports you somewhere else, that makes you believe you're doing something else you couldn't be doing otherwise.

“What I build is a way to make that even more real. When I'm sitting in the machine, I’m doing that as someone who grew up playing games and wanted more and better, and this is how I'm delivering that ‘better’ to myself.”

He achieved this unique build by using accelerometers mounted to the physical karts, which then send back information to a PC mounted to the simulator, which then mirrors these motions through his machine. 

The added benefit of this setup is that he can play with his son, Draco. He says to Totally Game: "I'm really happy to be able to do stuff like this with Draco. To be able to be in a position where I can build something like this, which is authentically cool to young people is great.

“It’s one of the best things about this, about Mario Kart, about the business, about everything I'm doing is that Draco is getting to to see this and to experience things that most kids don’t.”

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