This Mario Kart 8 400cc mod must never be unleashed

Mario Kart 8
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Someone's made a 400cc mod for Mario Kart 8, and it looks downright terrifying.

Last week, the clip seen just below made its way onto Twitter, demonstrating a startling 400cc mod for Mario Kart 8, where they almost go flying off the track with absolutely zero provocation. 

For those unfamiliar, this is double the maximum difficulty level offered in Mario Kart 8 as standard. 200cc was actually introduced in the eighth entry for the first time as an extreme challenge for veteran drivers, and is seriously difficult even if you're playing against a roster of AI drivers.

This is sort of like going from driving a normal car to being put in charge of a Formula 1 vehicle. Just twist the steering wheel ever so slightly, or hit even the most minor road bump, and you're liable to go flying off course and probably off the track. At least here there's a Lakitu to put you back on the course. 

One thing to note is that this mod doesn't just speed up Mario Kart 8 for the 400cc difficulty. It modifies every aspect of movement, including rotations for vehicles, which means we can cars flipping over in mid-air while gliding, which otherwise wouldn't usually happen. 

This is no doubt an impressive creation, but let's stop short of hoping that it makes its way into the wider world for public consumption. The stress under these racing circumstances would be damn near unbearable.

Mario Kart 8 servers on Wii U recently got forced offline thanks to an exploit which Nintendo is still working to fix. 

Hirun Cryer

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