This Lady Dimitrescu cosplay is as accurate as you can get

Resident Evil 8
(Image credit: Capcom)

Olympian Yekaterina Lisina has cosplayed Resident Evil 8’s Lady Dimetrescu, using one particular attribute to get closer to the real thing than we've ever seen before. 

The 9 foot tall ghoulish antagonist of the upcoming Resident Evil title has become a favourite among both Resident Evil fans and the cosplay community ever since her reveal at the Resident Evil Showcase earlier this year.

This, however, may be the most accurate cosplay we’ve ever seen of the character: Former basketball player Lisina, who won a Bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and comes in at a whopping 6'9", not only looks the part in photos, but also portrayed the character in a short parody trailer shared to the her Instagram. Take a look at Lady Dimitrescu brought to life below: 

In the video, Lisina reimagines the trailer where Lady Dimitrescu is on the phone with the mysterious Mother Miranda, adding in the lines “Mother Miranda, I am in a great deal of stress and I am seeking your guidance... because I have countless followers requesting this cosplay [...] no Mother Miranda, I understand the importance of this shoot, and I am aware that only I can meet the height of this challenge.”

The Olympian captioned the video with “after keeping this a secret for so long, I am incredibly excited to reveal this special cosplay of Lady Dimitrescu from the upcoming Resident Evil 8: Village! Countless amounts of hours, stress, and labor went into this ambitious project and I hope you all will enjoy this just as much as I have.” She then went on to thank the team behind the project including her hair, make-up, and video editing crew.

Not that this hasn’t been a focus from the start, but it seems that Capcom has also started to hone in on Lady Dimitrescu’s incredible stature after firstly officially revealing her height shortly after she was introduced to the world, and more recently by using life-size cutouts of the character to promote Resident Evil 8 in Hong Kong retailers. 

Whilst we wait to meet this monstrous madame, take a look at 20 new details we spotted in the Resident Evil Village Showcase to get excited about Capcom’s upcoming release.

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