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This It movie deleted scene is a happy alternate ending for scaredycats everywhere

After watching the It movie, we now know not to talk to sinister clowns who poke their heads out of storm drains. Georgie, though, didn’t get the memo. His swift death (complete with severed arm) saw to that. But what if things turned out differently? This deleted scene explores that very idea – and it’s a lot funnier than you might expect.

Serving as essentially a happy alternate ending to the movie, Georgie goes after his paper sailboat once again. Again, Pennywise pops up in the storm drain and… well, see it for yourself.

All’s well that ends well, right? Georgie is fine, the Losers’ Club go on to have a fine summer and Pennywise is still ruing his slow reflexes. That “ah, shit” is fantastically absurd, and the sketchy editing just makes it just that much funnier.

So, if, like me, you’re a big ol’ scaredy-cat with no intention of watching It again unless it’s a brightly lit room in the middle of the day with several of my close family and friends, you can rest easy and pretend that this is the definitive version of It.


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I have no idea why this was kept at a deleted scene, but it’s got me thinking that other movies should follow suit. Maybe Luke and Darth Vader have a hot cup of cocoa at the end of The Empire Strikes Back? Heck, why couldn’t John Doe’s gift in a box in Seven be just that, a nice gift?

For a scarier look at the It movie, then cover your eyes for this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, as well as another deleted scene left on the cutting room floor, filled with murder and gore. 

Image: Warner Bros.

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