This It deleted scene reveals that Pennywise isn’t the only one capable of gruesome murders

It isn’t all clowns, sewers and red balloons, you know. Alongside the Losers’ Club are the stereotypical teen bullies - the Bowers Gang - fronted by all-round terrible person Henry Bowers. Except he’s even worse than we originally thought, as shown by this deleted scene. Warning: there’s murder and gore aplenty - and it’s definitely NSFW.

The movie shows what sent Henry off the deep end – a humiliating rock-filled defeat – but not the depths he would eventually plummet to (except that well, duh). Thankfully, this deleted scene fleshes it out – pun absolutely intended – somewhat.

Sitting in his friend Belch’s car, Henry is shown to be caked in blood, stalking the Losers’ Club, and practising his best Negan whistle. The true horror is yet to come, though, as the camera pans across the car’s interior to show Belch and Vic with their throats cut and Henry having a chat with them, as you do. Gross.

It’s a shame that this didn’t make the final cut. The movie made it very clear that Henry was a few balloons short of a children’s birthday party but this really hammers home this guy’s chilling villainy.

You’ll be able to replay this scene to your heart’s content once the Blu-ray hits on January 15 but, for now, you’ll have to make do with recoiling in horror at that gruesome scene – and I’m just talking about Henry’s mangy mullet.

For more wild goings-on away from the It movie, check out the story behind Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard’s bizarre It audition, which involved walking through Los Angeles in full clown make-up, naturally.

Bradley Russell

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