This is This is Vegas

Whereas some people feel the need to keep the map of their open-ended sandbox city under lock and key, a mysterious conglomerate called Boyercrop has seen fit to send us a detailed, and remarkably tourist friendly, visual aid on the thrills that await you in Midway’sThis is Vegas.

It's everything you need to plan your descent into debauchery later this year, packed with enough coupons and boobies to keep the Missus safely at home. (They had us at the 99 cent Texas-Mesquite Fudge Sundae!)

What’s odd is that Boyercorp has detailed the myriad of ways one can get into trouble, all the while touting its soon-to-open, family-friendly, 100% gambling-free SuperMegaPlex. Good luck with that...

Above: This is This is Vegas' map. Click to embiggen

As for the rest of us, it’s interesting to see the stiff competition thatother Nevada destination is soon to be up against. Caesar's Palace and Excalibur find doppelgangers in the Avalon and Olympus Casino, while the Mayan andBig Top are completely reasonable substitutes for the Luxor and Circus Circus.

Better still, This is Vegas has spared the '70s era Rat Pack from demolition, even if the pamphlet describes it as little more than "a handy place for vagrants to sleep for the night." It also teases some of TiV’s more "gentlemen" centered attractions, such as Girls Gone Feral, as well as The Devil's Deal and their "Erotic Black Market?"

But you gotta love the seedy sort the Las Vegas Police advise you steer clear of. Professional card cheats, underground fighting leagues, and illegal street races? Perish the thought! We scanned the whole damned thing so click on any of the pictures to see a helluva lot more detail.

Apr 21, 2008