Fan-made Pokemon FPS game gets shot down by Nintendo

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Update:  The fan-made Pokemon FPS that was being developed by YouTuber Dragon has been taken down by Nintendo. 

According to Kotaku, all traces of the brutal Pokemon killing-sim have been removed online, including the original YouTube video where developer Dragon explains how the game was made, as well as any clips shared to Twitter, etc. The only place left to see it is via the r/IndieGaming subreddit - which Dragon shared a clip to just a few days ago

Understandably, Nintendo was never going to be happy with the fact someone was taking its beloved, child-friendly IP and literally shooting holes in it - but this also wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo shut down something fan-made that uses its games/characters.

Original story: An unofficial Pokemon FPS game is currently in the works where you obliterate not only Pokemon but also all of your happy childhood memories. 

Developed by Dragon on Twitter, the indie developer shared a video of their progress on the first-person shooter and now we can’t unsee all of the dead Pokemon. We suggest only watching this if you are well and truly ready to say goodbye to your childhood because watching Pikachu take a slug to the belly isn’t something you can easily come back from.  

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Regardless of how disturbing this fan-made project is, it's also pretty impressive. Dragon shared a video to their YouTube channel explaining how the game came to be and how they went about making it. According to the video,  the idea from a tweet that simply read: "Someone should make a Pokemon first-person shooter" and after a little research found a gap in the market for a Pokemon-slaying sim. 

The game was apparently made from scratch using Unreal Engine and took inspiration from the likes of Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Halo. The Pokemon FPS is split into three areas with each area containing different Pokemon which get more difficult as the stages progress, as well as a legendary Pokemon boss battle in each area too. 

In terms of how Dragon got the Pokemon to take part in the brutal game, they also revealed in their video that they had to use six different programs to import the Pokemon character models from a modern Pokemon game into their fan-made game. If you’re wondering what kinds of Pokemon you’d encounter in the game, Farfetched, Machamp, Mewtwo, and more all make an appearance - to name just a few. 

There’s no word yet on if this game will be available to the public at any point or how far Dragon is planning to take the project, all we do know is that die-hard Pokemon fans will never be the same after playing it. 

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