This Evil Within 2 story trailer will make you say 'Oh NOW I get it'

I don't think anyone would disagree that the glimpse of The Evil Within 2 we got during Bethesda's E3 2017 press conference was stylish, but it certainly could've been clearer about what the hell was going on. What's with the white goo? What happened to Sebastian's daughter? Is Duran Duran really the best choice for a creepy cover?

I'll let you decide for yourself on the last one, but a new trailer should give you some insight into the other questions and more. It's basically a minute and a half of pure exposition:

Even if you never played the first Evil Within, there are some plot threads that are easily deduced: Mobius is a shady megacorporation up to your typical shady megacorporation business. Sebastian lost his daughter years ago, but now knows that she's alive and in Mobius' clutches, being used to create an Inception-esque machine system called STEM. Enter STEM, get your daughter back.

Boom, you just got CliffsNotes-d, Evil Within 2.

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Sam Prell

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