This early Amazon Prime Day tablet deal gets you a Fire tablet for under £25

Fire 7 HD Tablet deal
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This early Amazon Prime Day tablet deal is great for anyone looking to save cash on a reliable slab this summer - the Fire 7 Tablet is now just £24.99 (coming down from £59.99).

This is an all-time low for this product and represents a massive 58% saving. We have previously seen this tablet come down to £31.99 - which is its previous lowest ever price - quite often throughout the year. Seeing it come down all the way down to below £25 is shocking, quite frankly. 

The Amazon tablet offers 32GB storage capacity, a 7" screen, a front and rear-facing camera, and seven hours of battery life - it even comes with Alexa. You can even use this as a low-level gaming tablet. And to reiterate: all of this is on offer for less than £25 in this early Amazon Prime Day tablet deal. It is extremely rare to find tablets for this price point, making this deal a must-see. 

There are going to be many other Amazon Prime Day tablet deals this sales season, so be sure to browse around if you're on the lookout for something more specific. 

It's worth noting that you need an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of this deal, if you don't already have it then don't worry - there is a link to get a 30-day free trial further down the page. 


Fire 7 Tablet | £59.99 £24.99 at Amazon
Save £35 -
The fact that you are currently able to pick up a tablet for less than £25 at the moment has completely blown me away. This is the lowest price ever for this tablet, and likely the lowest price you will ever be able to find for any tablet. This deal is a must-see for anyone, no matter what you intend to use the tablet for.

Amazon Prime 30-day free trial


Amazon Prime 30-day free trial
Amazon does offer a 30-day free trial available for its Prime membership meaning you don't even need to pay the subscription to take advantage of this deal and many other Prime Day deals on offer this year. Be sure to set a reminder, though, this will auto-renew at a rate of $14.99 / £7.99 a month if you leave it.

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