This Attenborough-esque Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer is lovely

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield, highlighting the beauty of The Galar Region in an unmistakably Attenborough-esque fashion.

The timing is a bit peculiar here - Sword and Shield launched last year and the latest expansion pack, The Crown Tundra, launched in October - but it doesn't matter, the trailer is downright lovely. Though the games' graphics have drawn some criticism, I've always enjoyed the look of the environments, and the Attenborough impersonator does a great job enchanting with their dulcet tones and vivid descriptions of the world's flora and fauna. Seriously, check it out if you fancy yourself a nap.

Or, since this is probably more what Nintendo intended, maybe the new trailer will inspire you to pick up Sword or Shield as a last-minute gift for someone (or yourself).  If it's been a while since your last trip to Galar, the two expansion packs, Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, have added 200 pre-existing Pokemon that weren't in the base game, two new areas, and new Legendary Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company is gearing up to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary next year, and it sounds like some big plans are in the works. We've been hearing rumors of late about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes, so that could be one way to mark the occasion. So far though, we've heard nothing official from The Pokemon Company on 2021 plans.

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Jordan Gerblick

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