Blight Survival is an action-horror roguelite that looks like a day in the life of an Elden Ring guard

Blight: Survival
(Image credit: Haenir Studio)

Blight: Survival is an intriguing new co-op action-horror roguelite that bears some resemblance to medieval games like Chivalry 2 and even fantasies like Elden Ring, only here the player character looks more like one of the latter game's many dispatchable guards.

The game takes place in the war-torn lands of an alternate 14th-century Europe, offering a dark fantasy take on the real-world plague that ravaged Western Eurasia and North Africa in the late Middle Ages. As a new strain of the "Blight" spreads rapidly from the remains of the dead, you and up to three friends are tasked with answering the soldier's call and ridding the world of the monstrous pseudo-undead.

It's not exactly clear from the Steam description how you're supposed to do that, but it involves "violent co-op" action between you and your buds and "both men and monsters." Combat looks weighty and brutal; our hero pulls no punches goring the zombie-like humanoids trudging around. You've got to wonder if the undead lads outside Elden Ring's Stormveil Castle go through this kind of stuff when clearing out the surrounding lands. 

You can sample some more combat in this five-minute gameplay video from IGN:

The map may look familiar to recent travelers of The Lands Between – or, you know, medieval historians – with abandoned villages and active encampments full of dangerous foes to fight or stealthily sneak past, depending on your playstyle. Developer and publisher Haenir Studio also says there's a "a large selection of weapons and armor" you can customize to suit your methods, though it notes that "what has been found can once again be lost," seemingly hinting at the consequences of death. 

(Image credit: Haenir Studio)

Blight: Survival is being built in Unreal Engine 5, which lends the world a truly stunning level of detail. Recency bias may make you think of Elden Ring as you look over its world and character design, but this is no Soulslike, instead mixing elements of Resident Evil and multiplayer horror games into a medieval third-person roguelite formula. It's still in early alpha with no set release date, but Blight: Survival is officially on my radar.

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