Think you know gaming? It's time to school your brain...

#80 The Magnavox Odyssey may have been the first cartridge-based console, but Fairchild's Channel F was the first machine to use programmable carts.

#81 You might think that bagging gaming 'achievements' is a new-gen concept, but not so. You could easily argue that Activision first introduced the idea back in 1980, when it would award special patches (the ones you sew on clothes) to gamers that achieved some magnificent score. To receive their tangible achievement prize, players would have to take a photo of the TV screen showing their score and send it to Activision.

#82 While there's some debate over whether 1978 arcade kicker, Atari Football, is the first true sport-based video game, there's no argument that it was the first arcade cabinet to feature a 'trak-ball' interface, or that the game featured the first programmed scrolling pitch.

#83 Namco's Galaxian, which appeared in arcades in 1979, became the first game to show off all of its graphical bits in glorious three-channel RGB colour.

#84 This is the first list entirely dedicated to gaming firsts that contains a staggering 84 entries to ever appear on GamesRadar.