Think you know gaming? It's time to school your brain...

#08 Designed by Ralph Baer and released in 1972, the Magnavox Odyssey was the first videogame console and the first cartridge-based system. It was also the home of the first console light gun, called Shooting Gallery.

# 09 What were Nintendo's first fledgling footsteps in the videogame business? Distributing the Magnavox Odyssey in Japan in 1975.

#10 In the run-up to PlayStation's launch in the United States of A, the console's first mascot was the not particularly brilliant Polygon Man. The angular flag waver was quickly replaced by Sofia from the Battle Arena Toshinden series, however.

#11 Released in November 1971 in the United States, Computer Space was the first commercially released coin-operated arcade game and is generally regarded as the first commercially available video game. It was created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, who would later found Atari.

#12 The first versus fighting game to feature a secret character was Midway's 1993 Mortal Kombat. The hidden brawler was Reptile.

#13 In-game advertising first made an appearance in 1978 with the text-based and inspirationally titled, Adventureland. In an act of shameless self-promotion, the game's coder, Scott Adams, included an advert for his next game, Pirate Adventure.

#14 When it was founded in 1979 by four disgruntled Atari employees, Activision became the first third-party developer and publisher.

#15 The first computer game, like, ever in the World was Spacewar!, the first version of which appeared in 1962. And, because this practically prehistoric 'tactical shooter' accommodated two players simultaneously, it's also acknowledged as the first multiplayer computer game ever.