Things we've stuck in our PS3

After all that hacking and messing, and installing geeky Operating Systems on your hard drive, why not relax and see what happens when you jam a USB gizmo into your PS3...

USB Missile Launcher
This little gizmo unfortunately needs a start-up disc to work properly; but even with the magic of Linux, we couldn't get this foam cannon to work with out "computer." Still, why fiddle with foam when you can batter NOObs in Resistance.
Worked: No

USB Pole Dancer
Bring a little sex appeal to your gaming set-up. This shady pole dancer will jiggle and wiggle as you play. Should a piece of wobbly plastic be so much fun? We need to get out more. After five minutes you want to smash it to a million tiny pieces.
Worked: Yes

USB Lava Lamp
Plug it in and watch the pretty lights. Watch them sparkle. Watch them glow. Not a proper Lava lamp, but this imitation does give off a soothing sparkle that made all the girls in the office giggle. It's the ideal way to get away with playing more PS3.
Worked: Yes

USB Hamster Wheel
Again, a great idea and something that you probably can't live without once seeing it in motion. Sadly, Hammy and his wheel needed some program that was supplied on a CD installed on your PS3 before it would work properly. Or at all.
Worked: No

USB Massager
What better way to de-stress from a torturous Super Rub a Dub level than with your very own back massager - it's great for a sore neck. Our fun pad went missing, and weirdly was found a week later on our desks. We're pretty sure there hadn't been anything "unnatural" done with it.
Worked: Yes

USB Drum kit
Although it did take about 30 minutes to set up and costs around $250 - a lot cheaper than a proper "analog" drum kit ($1000) so it's a great value. Suffice to say, you can act like a manic Meg White without fear as the kit comes with headphones and a library of 233 different sounds.
Worked: Yes