These slow-mo decapitations from The Surge are half ballet, half OH MY GOD WHAT BODY PART IS THAT?!

It’s your first day of work. Bright-eyed and eager, you turn up at your industrial complex to start your day, trying to ignore the thud of pain from the exoskeleton that’s moulded into your body. But wait - something’s wrong. The entire facility has gone haywire, turning co-workers into aggressive robot zombies, plus the security protocols of the supervisory machines have run amok, treating you as a code-red threat. Not good. 

This is the situation The Surge chucks you into, and you’ve got to fight your way through the workers to figure out what the hell happened to make everything go wrong. Along the way there’s some devastating decapitations, as each weapon you pick up has a set of five unique finishing moves: one for each limb, plus the head of whoever (or whatever) you’re hacking at. So sit back, stretch those non-exoskeleton-rigged arms, and take a look at just how much mechanical massacring The Surge has to offer. 

You didn’t need that leg, did you? Nah. Didn’t think so.

When all else fails, a swift chest-jump-slash will make that head pop off like a...poppy thing. 

Imagine the relief in that robot-zombie’s mind when he saw his hit get blocked rather than suffering any damage. But alas, it wasn’t to last...

You might want to protect those nether regions, as this attack slashes through the groin to chop off a leg.

I cannot even *begin* to imagine how much aspirin you’d need to get rid of that kind of stomach ache.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a robot zombie being thrown in the air and then stabbed through the torso on its way back down. Hooray!

As if getting an arm chopped off wasn’t bad enough, this fella is also 3ft shorter now.

Take note: it’s one thing to trip someone up, another thing to rid them off a leg *entirely*.

A swift kick to the chest and slash at the neck will make anyone look 86% less intimidating.

You’re squishier if you have less armour, meaning you can duck and weave like nobody’s business. 

Aww, he’s pulling him closer. No, wait...his arm is gone. Ouch. 

You got to the end. Well done. Here’s a dog vanquishing a roomba. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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