These Persona 5-themed PS4s are cooler than cool

(Image credit: Sony)

Sometimes life just isn't fair. Such is the case with these incredibly cool looking Persona 5-themed PlayStation 4 consoles releasing in Japan to celebrate the arrival of Persona 5 Royal, which is also releasing in Japan quite a bit earlier than the rest of the world. While a worldwide release hasn't been ruled out, the announcement at Tokyo Game Show 2019 didn't make mention of a western release.

There are three new Persona 5-themed PS4s, and each one comes with its own awesome controller. The white one with a bunch of Morganas floating around a globe-like thing is absolutely to die for. The others, a white one featuring an armed Joker in a stylish pattern, and a black one with Joker and some other characters in the background, are also about as cool as it gets for a video game console.

(Image credit: Sony)

Persona 5 Royal is an expanded version of Persona 5, similar to previous expansions like Persona 4 Golden, releasing in Japan in October and worldwide some time in 2020. Numerous updates and additions to Persona 5 will be packaged into Royal, including a new Phantom Thief member, a new Palace, 20 new songs, and a whole bunch of other groovy things. You can check out the brand new opening sequence and see for yourself if it's an improvement over the original. My take: absolutely.

If the Persona 5 PS4 does come to the rest of the world, I suggest getting in a pre-order immediately if you're interested, as these things often become rare and expensive quickly after release.

Jordan Gerblick

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