These go one Loudermilk

Don’t you just hate it when a high-profile film is announced and the company decides to get secretive when asked about the details of the plot? It’s as if they don’t want anyone to crank out a cheap, b-movie version of it before their new release has a chance to take its first cinematic breath. Honestly, some people are so thoughtless.

The latest to swaddle their news in the cloak of secrecy are Universal and Jon Heder, who are the proud parents of a new comedy titled Loudermilk. We’d love to tell you what it’s about, but they’re not talking. Described as a high-concept laugh-fest, it’s planned as a star vehicle for Heder, and he’s producing alongside his brothers Dan and Doug under their Greasy Entertainment company.

Chris Bowman provided the script and will direct the film as his follow-up to the bizarre-sounding American Fork. He’ll have to wait for Heder’s schedule to clear up – the man forever known as Napoleon Dynamite is currently at work on skating comedy Blades Of Glory with Will Ferrell.

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