These Final Fantasy 7 Remake Valentine's Day cards are worth it for the puns and art

(Image credit: Square Enix)

On the heels of a gorgeous batch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake screenshots, today Square Enix released a collection of Valentine's Day cards featuring characters from the upcoming remake. We've already seen plenty of in-game Valentine's Day events this week, and while these cards are more minimal as celebrations go, they still have some of the best art and puns around. 

Some of these cards are pretty obvious, but that doesn't make them bad. "I'm on Cloud nine when I'm with you," reads Cloud's card. I mean, of course it does. Likewise, Shiva goes for the "icy heart" and Ifrit is "all fired up." Pretty good, pretty good. Standard stuff. 

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Things start to get interesting with the Chocobo card, which reads: "I'm just khew-zy for you!" That's a rare onomatopoeia pun, right there. Full points for the callback to the yellow bird's iconic dialogue. Then there's Aerith's slightly forced but nevertheless endearing card: "You mean Aerith-thing to me!" Even Square Enix had to acknowledge that this one is kind of hoaky, but I respect it, if only because finding a way to turn the name Aerith into any workable line is praiseworthy. 

Even if you aren't feeling the Valentine's Day vibes, you can still stop to appreciate the quality of the portraits on these cards. We've seen all of these characters before, but this is one of the best shots of Shiva and Ifrit yet, and I do love that Chocobo. I'm less sold on that Moogle, though. There's something very Paddington about it, and I'm not sure of the implications of that. 

If you need more lovey-dovey puns in your life, have a gander at these Nintendo Valentine cards.  

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