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The Last Enemy

Auntie Beeb's announced a thriller which might be just our kind of thing. But then again, maybe not. Let's savour the mystery for now, eh?

A five-part drama, The Last Enemy "takes an arresting and compelling look at how technology could transform Britain into a surveillance society – threatening human relationships and destroying trust." According to producer Gub Neal, "It's a cautionary tale about technology, with identity cards, biometric tests and armed police becoming an everyday presence in our lives. It's predictive, rather than science fiction, because CCTV cameras and loyalty cards mean we are already being monitored."

So it's not science fiction - got that? But then, Clive Owen said that about Children of Men, didn't he?

The cast includes him-off-Hotel-Babylon Max Beesley, the magnificently-monickered Benedict Cumberbatch, and Robert Carlyle. Shooting began in February in London and Romania, and it will be transmitted on BBC One later this year.