The 10 Worst SF & Fantasy Shows Of The Decade 7

13 episodes • 2009 • CTV

Somehow this Canadian show has managed to nab itself a second season commission in its homeland, despite being dropped in the US after one season. You can only assume there’s not much to watch in Canada. This limp series about psychic paramedic, Toby, deserves to flatline. There’s not an original gene anywhere in its DNA; it’s part Ghost Whisperer, part Medium, part Tru Calling, part Joan Of Arcadia but mostly just a waste of air time. Most of the cast sleepwalk their ways through the tedious predictability of it all and the only thing of any interest are the lead actor’s mad staring eyes.

The nadir: Toby’s comedy sidekick fellow ambulance driver is irritating at the best of time, but the episode where he pretends to be a gangster should be banned from ever airing again.

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